Prime Audio Genres G1: This Is Focus Trance

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I’m happy to publish the first in a series of genre specific podcasts where we explore a particular style of electronic music. For the first installment, we explore Focus Trance.

So this was a genre I was not familiar with until I stumbled upon it using the website Every Noise At Once. I was hooked immediately. Knowing that there are many different styles of trance this particular style is not really documented anywhere where I could further research it. But I can tell you that focus trance is typically between 115 and 125 BPM and is similar in many ways to psytrance, minimal trance and progressive trance. Having said that, it is still pretty hard to nail down because every track seems to have its own flavour and inspiration.

I like this style because its effect is true to its name. I listened to the focus trance playlist I assembled for an entire work day while I was on the clock. It was effective in allowing me to work while still being interesting to my ears and brain — it wasn’t overwhelming some other styles of trance and it didn’t take over everything like my standard ‘everything under the sun’ playlist that I was previously listening to. So I will be returning to this genre I think in my own private listening future.

This is a continuous mix and all of these artists can be found on Spotify – Go check them out!

  1. (0.00.00) Contemplation – Vlad Janela
  2. (0.07.59) Closure – Madloch
  3. (0.15.18) Foggy – Nicholas Van Orten
  4. (0.23.19) Trails – Matter & Funkform
  5. (0.31:03) The Future Now – Subandrio
  6. (0.39.35) Brachistochrone – Jiminy Hop
  7. (0.46.20) The Knowledge – Enduro Disco
  8. (0.54.42) Art Of Ambience – Relaunch
  9. (1.04.13) Epsilion – MSZ
  10. (1.12.41) Roads – Eryo
  11. (1.19.17) Eclipse Of The Earth – Arctic Night
  12. (1.27.35) Syzygy – Federico Monachesi
  13. (1.34.23) Clockwise – Michael A
  14. (1.41.09) You Are A Voyage – MUUI
  15. (1.48.13) Cumulonimbus – Nicolas Rada
  16. (1.55.53) Edges – Quivver
  17. (2.02.15) Into Oblivion – Nipocra
  18. (2.10.35) Seven Ways – Julian Nates
  19. (2.17.32) Mind Breaker – Paul Deep
  20. (2.24.41) Helligkeit – Subconscious Tales
  21. (2.31.55) Lanarka – Sebastian Leger

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