Prime Audio Beats – Solid 125 Trance

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This one took a while to drop but totally worth it. Over two hours of trance from the last decade at 125 BPM, perfect for whatever activity you want to undertake!


  1. Mellifluous
  2. Pulse
    Gaston Ponte
  3. The New Cowboy (Alex Villanueva and Kaban Remix)
  4. Rafiki (The Shur I Kan Party Mix)
    Bob Holroyd
  5. One Breath Away (Paul Oakenfold Remix Extended Version)
    Billy Idol
  6. Amadeus
    Matan Caspi
  7. Distant Planet
  8. Don’t Know How To Love (Henry Cullen Mix)
  9. Aldebaran
    Juan Deminicis
  10. F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
  11. Samara
    Paul Deep, Nicolas Ruiz
  12. Odyssey to Anyoona (Graham Gold Remix)
    Jam & Spoon
  13. Kingdom (Booka Shade Club Mix)
    Dave Gahan
  14. March
    Kasper Koman
  15. Via Karelia (Replug)
    Cid Inc.
  16. Circles of You (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
    Hot Tuneik
  17. Back On Train
  18. This Must Be Drum Street
  19. Helligkeit
    Subconscious Tales
  20. Always (Funkagenda Mix)
    BT feat Rob Dickinson
  21. Nu Moon
    Stan Kolev
  22. Sonar (Julian Nates Remix)
    Pedro Capelossi
  23. See (Excursion To The Version)
    Perpetual Emotion Machine

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