Prime Audio Beats – Solid 125 BPM Vol. II

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Welcome to the first Beats Mix of 2022! This one is a second helping of 125 BPM which goes from psytrance to breakbeats to house and back again! There are a few oldes and newies, and some classics you will recognize. Enjoy!


  1. Kosmogony
    Adam P
  2. Sweet Lullaby (Desert Dwellers Remix)
    Deep Forest
  3. Electrifying Love
    Alex O’Rion
  4. Breathe (Pete Heller’s Phela Dub Mix)
  5. Music Matters (Pete Heller Remix)
  6. Out Of Time (Instrumental)
    Sasha feat Poliça
  7. One Time We Lived (Lulu Rouge Remix)
  8. Exterminate! (Michael Gray Remix)
  9. Baby Wants To Ride (12″ Mix)
    Underworld vs Heller & Farley
  10. Luz En Oscuridad (Broke)
    Perpetual Emotion Machine & AGW
  11. Storm (Hard Times Club Mix)
    Salt City Orchestra
  12. Push The Feeling On (MK Dub Revisited Mix)
  13. Take It! (Vital Ital Version)
    Alex Lee
  14. Feel
    The Chameleon Project
  15. Chromium
  16. Walk Into The Water (Fatum Extended After Hours Mix)
    BT, Matt Fax + Nation Of One
  17. Featherlight (Johannes Brecht Remix)
  18. El Cid (I:Cube Table Tennis Remix)
  19. Think (Hydrogen Rockers Vocal Mix)
    The Hush feat. Leah
  20. Oscillate
    Andre Sobota
  21. Starry Night
    Leo Delgado

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