Prime Audio Beats – 160 BPM DRUM & BASS

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I was definitely in need of this! Enjoy this collection of old and new D&B at the daunting tempo of 160. There are some real gems in here, some are mainstream, some are underground, some are by unsigned artists and one is mine! This isn’t for the faint of heart. Amen breaks aplenty!


  1. Creepstep
    Virtual Riot
  2. Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)
  3. Agility
    Roni Size
  4. Burning Passion
    Urban Shakedown
  5. Scatterbrain (Randomatik Blast Mix)
    DJ Shadow
  6. The Force Is Electric (Remix)
    Ed Rush
  7. Here It Comes
  8. Techno Fever
  9. Reason
    Bay B Kane
  10. Code Red
    2 Croozin
  11. Bringr
    Perpetual Emotion Machine
  12. B-Beat
  13. East Coast Vibes
    Hyper On Experience
  14. Mystical Flyte
    Subject 13
  15. Destination Eschaton (Sounds Of Life Vocal Mix)
    The Shamen
  16. We Enter (Deep Forest Dub VIP Mix)
  17. Jesus Coming In For The Kill (Splinter Remix)
    Life’s Addiction
  18. Believe (Photek Remix)
    E-Z Rollers
  19. Serpent Navigators
    Omni Trio
  20. Precipice (Aquasky Remix)
  21. Transamazonia (LTJ Bukem Exclusive Mix)
  22. Sea Of Tears

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