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Prime Audio 1.6: Christmas Surprise

Join myself and returning co-host Billy Bart Cody for a special Christmas podcast. We both have picked our selection of favourite holiday songs and you’ll find that there is something for everyone. We had a great time doing this and decided to include a special Christmas gift to our listeners at the end of the show. We hope you all have a great holiday!
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Prime Audio Countries: Denmark Electronic

This is the first installment of the Prime Audio: Countries series! Featuring the most intriguing tracks we could find from Denmark. Fans of electronic music might already be familiar with Trentemøller who hails from this part of the world, but there are lots of other great acts from Denmark also. And the best part is that most of the artists you will hear are featured on Bandcamp, (and a few on Beatport and Spotify) so feel free to click the links and hear more!

This podcast was a joint effort between myself and Ree Pyne, my friend and host of the CFMU radio show Cosmik Repercussions, which I used to host with her. All the tracks you will hear were curated by the both of us. My version is a non-stop mix but there is also a shorter version which was the raw-to-air broadcast and features commentary from Ree and I for the radio slot, so you have your choice of which to listen to.
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Prime Audio 1.5 Raw Feed Behind The Scenes

This is the full length ‘behind the scenes’ feed of the recording of Episode 1.5 — Danish Electronica profile. Audio quality is just whatever my phone was capable of. See the blog for the full length episode proper.
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Prime Audio Genres G1: This Is Focus Trance

I’m happy to publish the first in a series of genre specific podcasts where we explore a particular style of electronic music. For the first installment, we explore Focus Trance.

So this was a genre I was not familiar with until I stumbled upon it using the website Every Noise At Once. I was hooked immediately. Knowing that there are many different styles of trance this particular style is not really documented anywhere where I could further research it. But I can tell you that focus trance is typically between 115 and 125 BPM and is similar in many ways to psytrance, minimal trance and progressive trance. Having said that, it is still pretty hard to nail down because every track seems to have its own flavour and inspiration.

I like this style because its effect is true to its name. I listened to the focus trance playlist I assembled for an entire work day while I was on the clock. It was effective in allowing me to work while still being interesting to my ears and brain — it wasn’t overwhelming some other styles of trance and it didn’t take over everything like my standard ‘everything under the sun’ playlist that I was previously listening to. So I will be returning to this genre I think in my own private listening future.
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Prime Audio 1.4 – Organica

Episode 1.4 is the shortest episode so far, but there is no shortage of good music here. My guest host Billy and I celebrate the arrival of autumn with some hand-selected tracks we have dubbed the style of ‘organica’ — electro, trip hip, tribal, atmospheric, worldly — you can give these songs any number of descriptors but what they all have in common is their ability to help us chill. So grab a glass of whatever beverage helps you relax and drift away with us for this episode.
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Prime Audio 1.3 – UK Memories

Well, I knuckled down and completed the editing of 1.3 ahead of schedule! Hopefully you will enjoy the latest episode. Cynthia Carpenter and I play the best UK tunes and why they are important to us. Play this while you work tomorrow!
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Prime Audio 1.2 – The Darkness

This show featuring dark music chosen by David Attic and myself sounds really good but was an editing nightmare because my laptop and I are not seeing eye to eye right now. But we both hope you enjoy our selection and our conversation! Leave comments and share!
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Behind The Scenes on Episode 1.2

This is what it looks like when we record a show. Since the show isn’t live, we are listening to the tracks in the studio and kicking back talking about it. Sometimes We get a little rowdy.
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En Route To Episode 1.1

This is a little video I recorded while travelling to The Clef to record the premiere episode!
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Prime Audio 1.1 – Influence

For your listening enjoyment (hopefully!), I present to you Prime Audio 1.1!

Brian Locs and his guest DJ Murray Swain share the tracks that most profoundly influenced and affected their current musical tastes. Brian only dislikes one of Murray’s selections, but Murray doesn’t object to any of his. Learn why Brian’s parents thought he was gay until the age of 18 and hear about Murray’s disappointing run-in with the Blue Man group and dreams of becoming Nina Hagen’s love slave.
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