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Prime Audio is a podcast which has two goals. The first is to play a wide range music music which need not be genre-specific or limited to just one period of time. We want to celebrate our love of all different kinds of music and broaden our horizons as well as our listeners.

The second goal is to have a guest on each show. This allows our format to be interesting and create discussion about the music we play. Every show, each host picks about 45 minutes of music based on the theme we decide. The tracks are played interweaved (usually two of their and two of mine) and then we discuss what we heard. Neither host gets to interfere with the other’s choices (even if they don’t like the songs picked) so sometimes they disagree on whether they like the song or not.

All shows are hosted on MixCloud, to ensure proper royalties are paid to the artists. Currently, we are on Season 1 of the show, and we hope there will be many more to come!

About The Host

Brian Locs is a music enthusiast, producer and musician (under the name Perpetual Emotion Machine). He is a former DJ from Hamilton, Ontario and former co-host of the CFMU McMaster radio program Cosmik Repercussions (still airing and hosted by Maria Pyne).