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All 12 Inches – Show 5

This edition of All 12 Inches doesn’t have a particular theme, but I put it together in the sunshine on the last day of February. So let’s consider it a celebration of the coming spring!
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All 12 Inches – Show 4

Comin’ atcha one day early! I’m honing up my long-forgotten cross fading skills on this mix. Only the best 12″ mixes for this fourth installment of the show. Pay special attention to the unreleased 12″ version of Duran Duran’s View To A Kill (which surfaced on SoundCloud last year from the original mix engineer) and my own remix of Yes!
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All 12 Inches – Show 3

Show three is a dance-floor stomper! Some tracks you know, and maybe some you don’t. As always, a specially curated selection of the best 12″ mixes from the eighties!

Pay special attention to my very own eighties-style remix of the Human League!
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All 12 Inches – Show 2

Show 2 of All 12 Inches is more of the same – Classic extended mixes and rarities. Plus an extra treat, one of my 80’s style remixes! I like the energy of this one!
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All 12 Inches – Show 1

All Twelve Inches is the new spin-off of Prime Audio, and this is an all music podcast featuring the best music of the 80s (as well as some late 70s and probably early 90s). I was thinking about how much the Toronto radio station CFNY (later known as the Edge, a shadow of its former self) used to always play new wave, early electro and dance and particularly focused on 12″ extended mixes. This radio station shaped what I listened to for years to come. So this is kind of a tribute to that and also to all the artists featured.

Show 1 has no particular theme, just a lot of great songs and some hidden gems.
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