All 12 Inches – Show X

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The tenth episode! For this one, I’ve included my special TruStyle remix of the Police for your enjoyment. Took some liberties with the crossfading/beatmatching, but I think it works overall!


  1. Story Of Love (Extended Version)
    Voice Of America
  2. Monkey (Extended Version)
    George Michael
  3. Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix)
    Level 42
  4. Imagination (US Dance Mix)
    Belouis Some
  5. Pop Muzik (Extended)
  6. Real Love (Extended Version)
    Jody Watley
  7. Every Breath You Take (Earl Three’s TruStyle 12” Mix)
    The Police
  8. Keep Your Eye On Me (Manic Mix)
    Herb Alpert
  9. Big Time (Extended Version)
    Peter Gabriel
  10. Transdance (UK Disco Mix)
    Night Moves
  11. Didn’t You Kill My Brother (Mr. Crazy Mix)
    Alexei Sayle
  12. Suicide Blonde (Demolition Mix)
  13. Our House (Special Remix)
  14. Dum Dum Girl (12” Mix)
    Talk Talk
  15. Cccan’t You See (English Extended Version)
    Vicious Pink
  16. Electric Kingdom (Vocal Version)
    Twilight 22
  17. Don’t Go (Re-Mix/Re-Re-Mix)
  18. The Reflex (Dance Mix)
    Duran Duran
  19. She Blinded Me With Science (Extended Version)
    Thomas Dolby
  20. Blue Monday
    New Order

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