All 12 Inches – Show 7

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Yeah so I know it was my intention to get back to the normal podcast format, but the corona-virus shit is preventing that now anyway. So to relieve the boredom and to make up for the who no-show situation last week, I present to you the seventh edition of All 12 Inches – Quaurantine Edition.

I have included an older remix I did of Michael Jackson, done in the style of Shep Pettibone. I think it still qualifies as retro.


  • Desire (Extended Hollywood Remix)
  • (The Naked Civil) Snobbery & Decay
  • Rockit (Long Version)
    Herbie Hancock
  • The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (Long Version)
    Grandmaster Flash
  • Def.Con.One (The Doomsday Powermix)
    Pop Will Eat Itself
  • Bring Me Edelweiss (Tourist Version)
  • Smooth Criminal (Earl Three’s What If Shep Mix)
    Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Drop Bombs (Extended Remix)
    Liza Minelli
  • Two Tribes (Hibakush-ah!)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  • Round & Round (12” Remix)
    New Order
  • Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
    Depeche Mode
  • Push It (UK Mix (The Shuv’d Mix))
    Salt ‘N’ Pepa
  • Why? (Extended Version)
    Bronski Beat
  • Don’t Look Back (Remix)
    Fine Young Cannibals
  • Don’t Need A Gun (Beyond Meltdown Mix)
    Billy Idol
  • 88 Lines About 44 Women (Extended)
    The Nails
  • Trampolene (Warne Out! Long Version)
    Julian Cope
  • Love Is A Battlefield (Special Extended Version)
    Pat Benetar

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