All 12 Inches – Show 18

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Greetings and Happy June! This retro mix is a little heavier on the 90’s side of things than usual, but there’s a lot of gems in here and I think it will have you bopping!


  1. Alphabet St. (This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip)
  2. Just Be Good To Me (Vocal Remix)
    The S.O.S. Band
  3. Crazy (William Orbit Remix)
  4. Like To Get To Know You Well (International Version)
    Howard Jones
  5. The Look (Big Red Mix)
  6. Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
    Billy Idol
  7. Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix)
    David Bowie
  8. Brand New Funk (Extended Remix)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  9. Sadeness Part 1 (Violent US Mix by Nine Inch Nails)
  10. War (Man Has A Sense For The Discovery Of Beauty)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  11. Do You Want To Break Up? (Dance Mix)
  12. Knocked Out (Pettibone 12”)
    Paula Abdul
  13. Hang In Long Enough (Club Mix)
    Phil Collins
  14. State Farm (Madhouse Mix)
  15. State Of Shock (Dance Mix)
    The Jacksons feat. Mick Jagger
  16. Change (Extended Version)
    Tears For Fears
  17. The Politics Of Dancing (Extended Version)
  18. Hello Again (Remix)
    The Cars
  19. Talking In Your Sleep (Special Remix)
    The Romantics
  20. The Anvil (Dance Mix)
  21. Quiet Life (Long Version)
  22. Planet Earth (Night Version)
    Duran Duran
  23. Tainted Dub
    Soft Cell

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