All 12 Inches – Show 16

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Are you ready for some classic 80’s and 90’s 12″ mixes on this Sunday afternoon? It has been a bit of a hiatus, but I’ve been feeling the urge, so I put together this mix for y’all. A mix of new wave, dance and even some early electro. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Poison (Lethal Mix)
    The Weathermen
  2. Underground (Extended Dance Mix)
    David Bowie
  3. Living In Another World (Extended Re-Mix)
    Talk Talk
  4. Like A Prayer (12” Dance Mix)
  5. I Just Can’t Wait (Extended Version)
    Mandy Smith
  6. Let The Music Play (Re-Mix)
  7. Cross My Heart (Dance Mix)
    Eighth Wonder
  8. So Wrong (Dance Mix)
    Patrick Simmons
  9. The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix)
  10. I Wanted To Tell Her (Extended)
  11. Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (12” Inch Mix)
    Spandau Ballet
  12. Live It Up (12” Remix) 
    Mental As Anything
  13. New York (Double New York Mix)
    Micro Chip League
  14. So Hard (Extended Dance Mix)
    Pet Shop Boys
  15. Run Like Hell (Potsdamer Mix)
    Roger Waters
  16. C’mon And Get My Love (Dance Hall Mix)
    D Mob
  17. Confusion (12” Version)
    New Order
  18. Getting Away With It (Vocal Remix)
  19. Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix)
    Depeche Mode
  20. Oh Sheila (Extended Version)
    Ready For The World
  21. Major Tom (Coming Home) (Special 12” Extended Version)
    Peter Schilling

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