All 12 Inches – Show 11

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Welcome to Show 11! This one took a long time to get just the right mixture of tracks that worked together. Of special interest is a little bit of Canadiana in the Idle Eyes track – I don’t own the record myself, but it is a great track and the extended version is quite hard to find (so, sorry about the audio quality there. Also, I may have Rick-rolled you all. Sorry-Not-Sorry. 🙂


  1. Let’s Go All The Way (Extended Blix Mix)
    Sly Fox
  2. Back To Life (12” Mix) 
    Soul II Soul
  3. Baby, Don’t Forget My Number (Pennsylvania Six-Five-Thousand Heart Line Mix) 
    Milli Vanilli
  4. Digging Your Scene (12” Mastermind Mix) 
    The Blow Monkeys
  5. Break My Stride (Remix/Club Version) 
    Matthew Wilder
  6. Who’s Zoomin’ Who (Dance Mix) 
    Aretha Franklin
  7. The Gap (Extended Version) 
    Thompson Twins
  8. She Drives Me Crazy (Justin Strauss Remix) 
    Fine Young Cannibals
  9. I Don’t Want Your Love (Big Mix) 
    Duran Duran
  10. Kiss You When It’s Dangerous (Extended Mix) 
    Eight Seconds
  11. Never Gonna Give You Up (Escape To NY Mix) 
    Rick Astley
  12. Come To My Aid (The Survival Mix) 
    Simply Red
  13. Tokyo Rose (Extended Version)
    Idle Eyes
  14. Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (Extended)
  15. Who Needs Love (Like That) (Mexican Mix) 
  16. Little Lies (Extended Version) 
    Fleetwood Mac
  17. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended) 
  18. Venus (Extended Version) 
  19. Suburbia (Club Vocal) 
    Pet Shop Boys
  20. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Performance Mix)
    Dead Or Alive

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