All 12 Inches – Show 1

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All Twelve Inches is the new spin-off of Prime Audio, and this is an all music podcast featuring the best music of the 80s (as well as some late 70s and probably early 90s). I was thinking about how much the Toronto radio station CFNY (later known as the Edge, a shadow of its former self) used to always play new wave, early electro and dance and particularly focused on 12″ extended mixes. This radio station shaped what I listened to for years to come. So this is kind of a tribute to that and also to all the artists featured.

Show 1 has no particular theme, just a lot of great songs and some hidden gems.


  • P:Machinery (Polish)
  • We Love You (Extended)
    Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark
  • Everything’s Gone Green (12” Mix)
    New Order
  • Insanity (Extended Mix)
    Moral Support
  • The Sound Of The Crowd (Complete)
    The Human League
  • I Can See It (Extended)
  • The One Thing (Extended Mix)
  • Johnny Come Home (That Other Mix)
    Fine Young Cannibals
  • Don’t Let Go (Remix)
    Wang Chung
  • Such A Shame (Extended Mix)
    Talk Talk
  • Spies (Espionoise Mix)
    Duane Eddy
  • I Sleep With My Heart (Re-Mix)
    Level 42
  • Land Of Confusion (Extended Version)
  • Brother Louie (Special Long Version)
    Modern Talking
  • One Night In Bangkok (12” Version)
    Murray Head
  • Domino Dancing (DMC Mix by Peter Slaghius)
    Pet Shop Boys
  • C’est La Vie (Extended Version)
    Robbie Nevil
  • I Have The Touch (85 Remix)
    Peter Gabriel
  • Happy People (Hubble, Bubble, Toil And Dubble)
    Billy Idol & Generation X

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