Episode 1.4 is the shortest episode so far, but there is no shortage of good music here. My guest host Billy and I celebrate the arrival of autumn with some hand-selected tracks we have dubbed the style of ‘organica’ — electro, trip hip, tribal, atmospheric, worldly — you can give these songs any number of descriptors but what they all have in common is their ability to help us chill. So grab a glass of whatever beverage helps you relax and drift away with us for this episode.

  1. Kite HillKing Of Woolworth’s
  2. Beautiful OthernessBent
  3. Dark Days (Main Theme)DJ Shadow
  4. The Keeper (Banks Remix)Bonobo
  5. Edge HillGroove Armada
  6. A Grand Love ThemeKid Loco
  7. Tokyo TowerTerranova feat. Manuel Goettsching
  8. Blue MugGusgus
  9. UtopiaGoldfrapp
  10. 2 WickyHooverphonic
  11. With OilThomas Fehlmann
  12. Dirty ShadowsThe Future Sound Of London
  13. SlowlyAmon Tobin
  14. Dayvan CowboyBoards Of Canada
  15. It’s Not OverTalvin Singh
  16. One And The Same (Coda)Rob Dougan
  17. I Spy (Spying Glass)Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor