Prime Audio 1.3 – UK Memories

Well, I knuckled down and completed the editing of 1.3 ahead of schedule! Hopefully you will enjoy the latest episode. Cynthia Carpenter and I play the best UK tunes and why they are important to us. Play this while you work tomorrow! Crystal – New Order Come Together – Primal Scream   Lust For Life (The Prodigy Remix)…

Prime Audio 1.2 – The Darkness

This show featuring dark music chosen by David Attic and myself sounds really good but was an editing nightmare because my laptop and I are not seeing eye to eye right now. But we both hope you enjoy our selection and our conversation! Leave comments and share! Wreath Of Barbs – :Wumpscut: Worlock – Skinny Puppy Suicide…

Behind The Scenes on Episode 1.2

  This is what it looks like when we record a show. Since the show isn’t live, we are listening to the tracks in the studio and kicking back talking about it. Sometimes We get a little rowdy.

En Route To Episode 1.1

This is a little video I recorded while travelling to The Clef to record the premiere episode!

Prime Audio 1.1 – Influence

For your listening enjoyment (hopefully!), I present to you Prime Audio 1.1! Brian Locs and his guest DJ Murray Swain share the tracks that most profoundly influenced and affected their current musical tastes. Brian only dislikes one of Murray’s selections, but Murray doesn’t object to any of his. Learn why Brian’s parents thought he was…